I did it. I actually learned how to play the pokemon theme from beginning to end on piano in two days. I am victorious. I am the very best.

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I decided to randomly learn the pokemon theme on piano today… this is my current progress after roughly four hours of learning time. It’s really slow and kinda bad but… It’s a work in progress. Uhm. Enjoy I guess?

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If you listen closely you can hear the sounds of me denying adulthood.

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When I was really young (5th grade-ish?) I had a crush on this guy who always talked to me during class and one time the teacher actually got mad at me and yelled at me and everything and I used to be really scared of getting yelled at, so he saw that and said "No, Ms. ??. It's my fault. I talked to her first" so he got in trouble instead. I dunno I just remembered how happy I was about something so small back then.

Aww, that’s so cute! ;w; I love that little feeling of happiness you get from dumb little crush occurrences like that, it’s adorable~





I hope wherever Robin Williams is now he can see how much he has impacted the world throughout his life and how many people care for him deeply. I hope he can feel the love and sorrow we are all experiencing right now. He deserves peace of mind, he was a wonderful man, it pains me to know what he must have gone through.

I hope his death causes depression to be taken more seriously, I hope people realize that it can affect anyone. No matter how happy the person looks they could be suffering on the inside. I hope more teenagers reach out for help. I hope more parents will be willing to assist them and not tear them down. 

I want everyone here to know if you ever need help or feel suicidal I’m always here to talk. I promise. It takes a long time to get into such a dark place in your life where suicide become an option to you. No matter how small the problem seems to others it is REAL and it affects YOU. Your feelings matter and we can talk it out.

All of you are worthwhile. All of you are special. You all have a purpose. No one deserves to feel that way. No one deserves to take their own life. I promise no matter how much you think you do… Or if you can’t find another way out… I promise it gets better.

I’ve been backed into a corner before. I’ve been there I know. Just remember… “Everything will be okay in the end and if it’s not okay it’s not the end yet.”

Please be safe you guys. I love you.

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I’m gonna become an animator I mumble to myself as I create simple animations that don’t even look right.

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I present you you weenies cartoonstuck. But nah, I literally came up with this style today and I’ve never drawn cartoons before so I butchered some homestucks for practice!~

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Sometimes I feel like a mature artist then I make stuff like this… Have some best spuds everyone!

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This was too cute of a bandwagon to not hop on. Have some really crappy pokemon doodles.

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