Sometimes I feel like a mature artist then I make stuff like this… Have some best spuds everyone!

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This was too cute of a bandwagon to not hop on. Have some really crappy pokemon doodles.

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» Animal Crossing New Leaf Commissions

If I took drawing commissions for humanized animal crossing characters/villagers/towns and stuff would anyone be interested? Payment being hybrids, bells, or villagers? Because that would be super fun! Message me if you’d be interested!

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I added Cyndaquil to my collection of favorite starters! His name is Kaisai and I love him to death. I have a Torchic coming in the mail as well! Ahh. I’m a huge pokemon nerd you guys buy me plushies.

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Am I the only one who does this or what because it’s not fun and it happens nearly everyday.

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Yesterday night, I had Mayor Jenna come over to my town to adopt Erik. 

She invited me over to her town and I’m glad she did!

I had so much fun! I loved her cut-outs she had and her fruit forest was super cute. <3

We visited her museum and watched the little turtle swim around. 

We also visited her island and caught some bugs and ocean fish! Along with playing a few tour games.

Overall, it was a great night considering she was actually my first town to visit that wasn’t a dream address.

Her blog:

Ahh, your town was so cute. Erik is a happy resident of my town now! Thank you for visiting it was a lot of fun!~

Someday I want to be able to get through an entire shojo without pausing to blush and roll around and hide my face due to secondhand embarrassment.

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I am literally crying over villagers moving in and destroying my things.

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Words can not describe how much I love my sleeping space.

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Literally I’m so awful I don’t hug people cause I get intimidated and scared and shy and uncomfortable but I want to be hugged and cuddled. Curse my emotional struggle.

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